All about metaverse for kids

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is a persistent, online, three-dimensional environment that integrates numerous virtual spaces. It may be compared to a future version of the internet. Users will be able to collaborate, meet, play games, and interact in these 3D environments thanks to the metaverse. Although the metaverse does not yet exist in its entirety, metaverse-like aspects may be found on various platforms. At the moment, video games give the closest metaverse experience available. By holding in-game events and building virtual economies, developers have pushed the boundaries of what a game can be.

Why Metaverse?

Believe it or not, the rush to the metaverse did not begin with Zuckerberg’s obsession with virtual reality. Rather, it is influenced by a variety of things. Hundreds of millions of people are using avatar-based social gaming platforms; the epidemic has compelled us all to seek out new types of real-time engagement; and firms like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Meta are all attempting to figure out what will be the next big thing after the Smartphone. And, while these patterns are unfolding in real time, a few key issues remain unanswered

Things to Note about Metaverse-

  • In 2021 alone, Meta has invested $10 billion developing metaverse technology. The company’s ambitions include virtual reality technology, social virtual reality apps like Horizon, and an AR wearables bet.
  • Approximately the second quarter of 2021, Roblox’s proto-metaverse world brought in $454 million in revenue,The firm also has over 43 million daily active users, the majority of them are children
  • Epic has grossed more than $9 billion from Fortnite alone in 2018 and 2019, and its Unreal Engine is at the heart of many AR and VR experiences.
  • Apple has steered clear of the metaverse hype, but its significant investments in augmented reality gear indicate that it wants the App Store to be a part of whatever the future holds.