Velas Turtle Festival

Introduction and origin –

Introduction and origin

Velas is a small fishing village on Maharashtra’s western coast. A few hundred houses on the Arabian Sea coast, about 220 kilometres from Mumbai.  The place is well known for its beaches which reflect nature in its best preserved and pristine form. Here tiny grey head emerges from the golden sand to take a breath of the Arabian Sea’s fresh salty air.

Introduction and origin –

Introduction and origin

Aim of this festival –

The aim of the turtle festival is to kick off the natural breeding process of sea turtles, which takes place on a beach in the Konkan Belt village of Velas. This isn’t yet another animal fair, nor is it one where turtles are paraded or shown. It’s a festival where you can see baby Ridley turtles on their first significant trip.It is an annual event that takes place on Ratnagiri’s Velas beach and is dedicated to the protection of Olive Ridley turtles.  Anjarle beach Turtle Festival is organized by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra and Kasav Mitra Mandal.

Olive Ridley Turtles eggs are protected at nest site after they are laid on the beach by Turtles. Every year, thousands of the vulnerable Olive Ridley Sea Turtles visit the Velas beach between February and April, compelling a local NGO to begin the Velas Turtle Festival in 2006 to spread awareness about the need to conserve these tiny creaturesIt is now a regular annual festival held on various dates during February, March, and April (the dates vary annually depending on when batches of turtle hatchlings emerge and are released into the sea), and it includes home stays with the village community as well as opportunities to see, photograph, and learn more about turtle habitat, behaviour, and conservation. It’s a festival with a difference – instead of a concentrated few days of wild celebrations, it is a proper long celebration of the wild

Things to do at Velas Turtle festival-

The place is well known for its beaches. Besides Velas beach, walking along side of beaches in evening and enjoying is a major attractions for the tourists. Here are several other tourist attractions at Velas including the Bankot Fort and the Harihareshwar Temple (Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri are the four hills that surround it.)e, Paying visit to these temples and knowing about culture and traditions attracts a lot of participants. Here people feel close to nature.

Himmatgarh  can also be visited , It is a coastal area on the Arabian Sea with attractive beaches.


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