The April Palm Week (Ukraine)

Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, is the first day of Holy Week and the Sunday before Easter in the Christian calendar, celebrating Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It is related with the blessing and procession of palms in various churches (leaves of the date palm or twigs from locally available trees). These unique events took place in Jerusalem near the end of the fourth century, as documented in the travelogue Peregrinatio Etheriae (The Pilgrimage of Etheria). The first indication of the rites in the West can be found in the Bobbio Sacramentary (8th century). The procedure for blessing the palms in the middle Ages was elaborate: the procession began in one church, proceeded to another church where the palms were blessed, and then returned to the first church for the singing of the liturgy.

Story-The day Jesus returned to Jerusalem is commemorated on Palm Sunday. He entered the city on a donkey, symbolising that he was a peace-loving king. Palm leaves were laid in front of his way by his followers. The Christians indicated their acceptance of Jesus as their redeemer by laying palm leaves in front of him.

How it is celebrated?

Palm Sunday has its own traditions in every country and religion. Palm leaves are traditionally distributed to parishioners before to the start of mass for Catholics. Many believers save palm leaves, dry them, and then braid them. The braided leaves are placed on a crucifix in their home and then replaced the next year. The palms are also saved by the church and burned the following year to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday.

In several Catholic nations, such as France, Italy, and Spain, Easter is the most important religious event. Palm Sunday is the start of the celebrations, when the devout dress up in long robes and takes part in candle-carrying processions to celebrate the occasion. During these events, scripture from Palm Sunday and relevant Bible texts are routinely read.

NOTE- Easter was not observed by early Christians. Because Jesus died during the Passover holiday, they attached the celebration date to Passover when they first started celebrating Easter. This began to alter in the fourth century, when Christian officials began to use the lunar calendar to determine the date of the feast.