Sure shot Tips to Hook up with a Girl at a Concert

Women have a plethora of dating apps to choose from. Creeps, on the other hand, are highly common. Even if a woman is open to hook-ups, she does not want someone to pop the question right away. If your first line implies that you want to get into her trousers, she won’t go with you. So here’s how you play it smart, smooth, and hook-up like a gentleman at a concert.

Just be normal– “Hello, introduce yourself, and strike up a regular discussion.” It’s incredible how far being average can go you.” The person you are about to approach is just another human being. And if they refuse to speak with you, that’s OK; you’ll find someone who will. They are not a nasty person, a b*tch, or an asshole simply because they are not interested in conversing with you.”

Make Her Notice You-

When you’re next to her, the goal is to remain unobtrusive while remaining confident. Hopefully you brought some buddies with you and are still drinking, since your number one priority from now on is to have fun. It’s a concert, so talk to your friends and dance. You’ve positioned yourself effectively now, and if you’re actually having fun, it tends to attract people’s attention. Of course, because of the positioning, some inadvertent contact will occur, and you should endeavour to make eye contact. Girls appreciate it when you show them your teeth, so smile and whatnot.

Introduce Yourself-

It’s absolutely okay to introduce oneself after being shoulder to shoulder for a song or two. Give her your name, but don’t start asking nonsense questions like where she’s from or where she went to college. Those inquiries aren’t excellent icebreakers anyplace, and they’re especially ineffective during the 30 second interval between songs at a noisy concert. If you’re extremely secure about going back to your location, ask her what her personal favourite by the band is, or if you can buy her a drink. Do not begin discussing your siblings or your dog.

Don’t Be Too Provocative-

Guy is capable of making the move, but concerts are an odd environment. They’re dark, crowded with strangers, and extremely noisy. Grabbing a lady by the waist and starting some grinding may be beneficial on occasion, but it is considerably more embarrassing for all parties involved when the girl quickly disengages and drags her and her companions out of the area. You run the danger of coming off as a creep, not to mention that you’re acting like one. Because she doesn’t know who you are, you must wait to see if she is interested. People will start pairing off after the first couple of songs if you’re at the correct performance. It’s going on all over the place, and if it’s something she’ll want to be a part of and you seem like a nice man, she’ll want to dance with you. It’s a basic notion, but if anything is going to happen, let her start it, or at the very least ask her if she wants to dance. You’d be shocked how many times females merely want to dance with the guy next to them. It may not appear to be the norm, but it is.

Make Your Move-

You’ve been dancing with her for about five or six songs now, and it’s time to make a move. Everyone has a few in their repertoire, and I’m not going to share mine with the rest of P&P. While asking to dance is certainly okay, going for the “Wanna make out?” is definitely not the smoothest. Perform better. Try it out. You’ve gone this far; you’ll be able to pull it off.