Riga City Festival, Latvia

A massive free festival in Riga, Latvia, held annually during the third weekend of August. With innumerable concerts in Riga’s concert halls, gardens, and park, as well as games, entertainment, and sporting activities, there is truly something for everyone throughout this weekend of Latvian joy. The festival lasts three days and takes place at venues and sites throughout the Latvian capital, and all visitors, both local and foreigners are welcomed. This is an excellent time to experience Latvia’s capital at its best, with its flamboyant architecture and up-and-coming cafés and restaurants, as well as real Latvian celebrations from all generations.

Riga welcomes flights from all over the world, connecting it to a greater percentage of the world’s major capitals, with many flights offered by airBaltic, Ryanair, and Wizzair, among others. This means that international tourists, regardless of their initial place, can attend the festival via an easy flying path in most situations. Once in the city, thanks to Riga’s compact city centre, many of the city’s biggest attractions and events are walkable, with little need for public transportation. Cycling the city during excellent weather, which this event normally enjoys, can also be a pleasant option, with various bike rental sites across the city.

Traveling further afield, there are bus and metro routes that you can use for a few hours or up to 24 hours for a small cost. Tickets can be purchased on the new trams or at Narvessen newspaper kiosks located throughout the city.

Taxis are an inexpensive way to go from the airport to the city centre, costing around 0.70 EUR per kilometre. When taking a cab in the city, be sure the metre is turned on before you begin your journey. The bus from the airport takes a little longer, but it is also a quick way to get to the city centre.