Positivus Festival, Latvia

Positivus Festival is a three-day summer music and culture festival held in Salacgrva, Latvia, every year. Positivus, which debuted in 2007, incorporates a wide range of genres, including indie, pop, folk, electronic, and other forms in between. Positivus Music organises the festival. The festival is always held over a long weekend, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning in the third week of July. Positivus Festival, which takes place every year in the middle of July, is the largest music and arts festival in the Baltic States. Positivus Festival is becoming increasingly popular in Europe each year. It’s a festival with international chart toppers and underground new artists set in a beautiful vacation setting. Positivus Festival has been named “Best European Festival” and is listed on numerous shortlists as one of Europe’s greatest music events to attend.

Positivus festival features a bohemian, friends and family centred ambiance that outweighs the boisterous party vibe that is typically common at music festivals. For the past few years, the attendance at Positivus has been around 30000 people.

More about Festival-

After an unforgettable 13 years in Salacgriva, where the popular music and art festival Positivus has become a special event in many people’s life, a new chapter will begin in 2022. The Positivus festival will be held in Riga, Latvia’s capital city. The list of performers that have attended the Positivus festival thus far is so remarkable that it’s difficult to believe. We are grateful to everyone who attended at least one of the festival’s concerts because we know these memories will last a lifetime. On July 15th and 16th, 2022, the Positivus festival will continue to enchant thousands of people at its new location in Riga, Lucavsala.