Dolma Festival of Armenia

Dolma is an Armenian popular dish which represents Armenian culture. Dolma is a dish made with minced lamb or beef, rice, fresh herbs and spices, and grape or cabbage leaves. Seasonings such as coriander, dill, mint, pepper, and cinnamon are used by Armenians. Each region’s dolma flavour varies, including Artamet, Alashkert, Echmiadzin, Mush, and others. The Dolma Celebration in Armenia, also known as Uduli, is an annual festival held near the city of Armavir, Armenia. It was founded in 2011 with the goal of increasing awareness of Armenian cuisine, particularly dolma, a classic Armenian meal comprised of ground beef, lamb, and spices wrapped in grape leaves, cabbage leaves, and vegetables. The Sardarapat Dance Ensemble opens the festival with a performance. Various cooks present their dolma types throughout the festival, and a jury selects the best dolma cook among the contestants from Armenia’s top restaurants. Participants come from Yerevan and other parts of Armenia. The festival took place in Armenia’s Musa Ler town on May 21. Dolma was offered by participants from all throughout Armenia, and it came in a variety of flavours, including a sweet Dolma with a delectable ostrich egg filling. Typically, the dish is served in pottery plates.

About Competition –

Chefs from Armenia and other nations will compete to prepare a variety of stuffed vegetable dolma during the event. Guests can observe Armenian dances, listen to songs, and sample dolma during the tournament. A jury selects the best chef at the festival’s conclusion. The winner receives a special award in the form of a golden statue. It has three Category,  In the nomination for the Best Taste is the Bronze medal, In the nomination Best Appearance is silver medal and for the nomination Best Idea the Bronze medal