Festival of Seasons

  • Festival of Seasons

    Our world celebrates festival based on seasons, like we always celebrate Christmas and Waitangi day in Winter. There are a few festivals which are celebrated just to welcome a new season, No No we are not telling you about that here, but in this category you can definitely find that, find it out and read.

  • Holi

    Holi is regarded by almost every corner of the country as the most revered and celebrated festival in India. Sometimes, it is also known as the “festival of love,” as […]

  • Canadian Tulip Festival

    Every spring, the Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in and around Ottawa. It is one of the largest tulip displays in the world. Over a million tulips in over 100 […]

  • Pongal Image


    Pongal is the harvest festival dedicated to the Sun god. The term ‘Pongal’ is derived from Tamil literature which means to boil. It is a four day Hindu festival held throughout south India […]