Hinduism being oldest religion of the world,It is a religion of over billion people. It is religion of India , It is not a single religion but rather a variety of related beliefs and spiritual practices . Hinduism teaches that everything is one , Whole universe is one called “Brahmand” and that has many God in it . Their Roles , aspects and forms differs according to Various traditions. Brahma is creator, Vishnu is preserver and Shiva is transformer. Durga is fiercely protective divine mother. Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in the world. Basic beliefs of Hinduism are , Belief in karma , Belief in Moksha , Belief in Vedas, Belief in cyclical time, Belief in Dharma .

    Hinduism is all about celebrations, Hinduism is a way of life, It has colourful festivals like Holi, Lightening festival Diwali to what not? To know more click on this category and read Wishing you a very happy Reading.

  • Holi

    Holi is regarded by almost every corner of the country as the most revered and celebrated festival in India. Sometimes, it is also known as the “festival of love,” as […]

  • Pongal Image


    Pongal is the harvest festival dedicated to the Sun god. The term ‘Pongal’ is derived from Tamil literature which means to boil. It is a four day Hindu festival held throughout south India […]


    JALLIKATTU “Tamil pride”

    Jallikattu is a traditional bull-chasing sport of Tamil Nadu which is organised during the harvest festival Pongal. The sport is more than two millennia old. A 2,500-year-old cave painting discovered […]

  • Diwali


    Diwali also known Deepawali is one of India’s biggest Festival .The word ‘Deepawali’ means rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights and Hindus celebrate it with joy. Diwali is celebration of victory […]