New Zealand

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand is a country made up of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The Maori people lived on the islands for hundreds of years before Europeans arrived in the 1600s. New Zealand’s capital is Wellington. New Zealand lies about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) southeast of Australia. It is the farthest south of all the countries in the region called Oceania. New Zealand’s two main islands are called the North Island and the South Island. Learn in details about New Zealand and its culture in this section , learn about their festivals , way of celebration , follow the worksheet , have a happy Reading!

  • Victorian Fete

    New Zealand, a former British colony, has emerged from that heritage to celebrate more than 180 years of freedom. However, certain structures from that era can still be found, particularly […]

  • New Zealand Fringe Festival

    Since 1990, the Fringe Festival has been an annual event on Wellington’s activities calendar, making it one of the country’s oldest festivals. This yearly festival, which runs for four weeks […]

  • World of wearable Art (WOW) Image

    World of wearable Art (WOW)

    The world of wearable art is a world-famous art festival celebrated in Wellington, New Zealand. , also known as the art of dress or “the art of dress”, refers to […]

  • Queen’s Birthday

    Queen’s Birthday

    Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of the house of Windsor was born April 21st, 1926, In 1952, after the death of King George VI, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne and was known […]

  • Anzac Day

    Anzac Day

    The name Anzac stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps whose soldiers known as the Anzac were brave warriors who stood, fought and died during World War I […]

  • Waitangi Day

    Waitangi Day

    Waitangi Day is New Zealand’s national day. It happens every year on the 6th of February the day when New Zealand became a nation. The Treaty of Waitangi (New Zealand’s […]