• Canada

    The name Canada comes from the word “Kanata” which means settlement or village in the language of the indigenous St. Lawrence. Canada is a large country in the northern hemisphere. The country belongs to the North American continent. Canada borders the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean in the North. In 2012 the population of Canada was around 35 million .The capital city of Canada is Ottawa and its major cities are Toronto, Ontario, Montreal. In some ways Canada is many nations in one. Descendents of British and French immigrants make up about half the population. They were followed by other European and Asian immigrants. Canada is rich in resources like Zinc, Nickel, Lead and Gold. Canada has over 3000lakes. The Maple leaf is a Canadian symbol and features prominently on the National flag. For easy access we have created this section where information about Canada and its festivals is provided, read and learn more about Canada, Have a happy Reading!

  • Quebec Winter Carnival

    The Québec Winter Carnival is a family-friendly festival of winter in the provincial capital, Québec City. It is, in reality, the largest winter carnival in the world. Carnaval is how […]

  • Canadian Tulip Festival

    Every spring, the Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in and around Ottawa. It is one of the largest tulip displays in the world. Over a million tulips in over 100 […]

  • Montreal first People Festival

    The first festival of the people of Montreal is an event marked by Indigenous cultures from all over the United States and around the world. The event focuses on traditional […]

  • Vaisakhi

    Vaisakhi is observed by Hindus and Sikhs. It marks the beginning of Hindu solar New year.[ is a traditional harvest festival celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus, having been observed in […]

  • Victoria Day

    Victoria Day

    Victoria Day is celebrated on the Monday before 25th May. This day commemorates the late queen Victoria’s Birthday. Canadians celebrate a deceased monarch’s birthday on Victoria Day because Queen Victoria was […]

  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

    Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

    Saint –Jean –Baptiste day is celebrated on 24th of June. It is a day of public Holiday in Quebec and other areas of French Canada. St. John Baptiste is a Jewish […]