• Bhutan

    Bhutan is the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom and is sequestered at 2,000m above sea level, has 73% forest cover and is the only country in the world to officially be carbon negative. Bhutan was the last country to get television, and still is the last country without a traffic light. Bhutan is located on the Asian continent and a landlocked country in the Himalayan mountains.The Country Borders India and China. The capital city is called Thimphu and is located in the country’s east. Bhutan is sparsely populated and most of the people in Bhutan live in rural areas. Bhutan is one of the least developed countries in the world. Learn with us more about Bhutan and its celebrations , Know about this unique country. Have a happy Reading !

  • Nyilo Image


    Nyilo means “Happy New Year” according to the Bhutan calendar based on Buddhist astrology, the first day of winter and the shortest after which the days begin to lengthen until […]