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       Why it is important to celebrate festival?

    Festivals are a powerful method to demonstrate pride in one’s background, culture, and customs. They are supposed to be shared with loved ones to celebrate key moments and feelings in our life. They play a vital part in our social life by providing structure and connecting us to our families and backgrounds. They provide a welcome break from our mundane, monotonous daily routines and provide motivation to recall the essential things and events in our lives. Legends, knowledge, and traditions were passed down through the generations through festivals.

    Festivals serve as stress relievers and aids emotional balance. Negativity naturally decreases when there is more positive environment. It also allows for the reduction of tensions and the reunification of alienated families and friends in a loving bond.

    Festivals bind us together throughout our lives. This keeps us tethered to social ties. It generates a sense of oneness when we come together as a family, friends, and society. To overcome every challenge in life, the most powerful weapon is unity.

    Festivals generate a sense of togetherness and faith in all people. At festivals, people are connected to God and lessons. They have a favourable attitude toward other people as a result of their relationship with God. Positive actions toward everyone, regardless of caste, religion, race, or occupation, as well as a sense of respect for all, promote brotherhood, love, and faith in society. That is why festivals are significant occasions to commemorate. Because festivals are the lifeblood of society, fraternity and faith are inextricably linked to how much we care about one another. Read our interesting blogs about festivals here!